DJ Flawless introduces “Headphone Diaries”

In the music industry, people call him “The Category Killer” because of his ability to blend any music genre of songs together in an extremely smooth way.  His friends, including myself, call him “Waseem Khan”..well, because that’s his real name.  Or in the fashion industry, people call him “Mr. Swagger” because of his ways in designing a “hipster meets a very sexy GQ” look for himself.  He calls himself “Kimosabe” because…well..I have no clue why.  But, to the world, he is known as DJ Flawless.

This DJ turned Producer has recently released his multi-episode series called the “Headphone Diaries,” where he takes you on a backstage journey of his life on how he became a Producer after realizing the DJ circuit scene was just not enough.

In the first episode he gives you an introduction to what his past successes were, and from what he learned from his experiences, which led to his transformation to the person he is right now.  He also introduces a brand new track that he did with International Renowned Musician, Navin Kundra.

I’ve been honored to know DJ Flawless on a personal basis, and he’s been a great friend to me for the past years by either DJing my events including my Birthday to giving me advice on personal issues or new projects that I’ve been working on.

I’m extremely proud of what he has accomplished, and am extremely excited on what this upcoming year has in store for him.  He is definitely one of the most talented musicians out there, who definitely has one of the best ear when it comes to making music.  He’s a perfectionist at what he does, and I really believe some musicians should learn from him when it comes to high quality production.

DJ Flawless is the new artist to look out for, and I’m exciting about the new tracks he’s been working on for the near future! (Being a friend, I got the privilege to hear some sneak peaks!)

Check the first episode out in this amazing new series:

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