Thank You!

I wanted to say Thank You for attending or supporting this year’s Annual Aquarius Charity Affair. I am truly grateful and genuinely amazed that over 600 people attended the event throughout the night! From all the bar sales, donation box, and my personal donation, we raised about $3000! That’s amazing! This will improve many children’s lives that has leukemia, fund water well drilling equipment in ourder to give clean drinking water to the poverty regions of Africa, and help fund SAMAR to help them organize multiple bone marrow drives – do you know how rare it is to find South Asian matches?! It’s kind people like you that shows so much love and support that inspires me to do as much as I can to make a difference in this world through the entertainment industry. Even though this is not my “day job,” you guys motivate me to spend as much time in improving and growing “The Urban Nerd” brand. Once again, thank you!

Feel free to experience the night all over again by checking out all the 640 photos and the Press Video covered by UrbanAsian at my Facebook Page,

I want to thank all the people who helped me out, especially my sponsors to make this year’s Aquarius Charity Affair the best one so far.

I want to thank, Luv the World Clothing, Luxemi, and Convey Clothing – without these wonderful companies, this event would not have been as successful as it was. Please check out their websites. Everyone knows about – (all you single people out there!), and Luv the World Clothing and Convey Clothing have an amazing collection of clothes, t-shirts, and accessories. They have a great sense of fashion design, and for those who always see me sporting Convey gear – well now you can get them too! What’s amazing about these two clothing companies is that portion of their sales go to different causes and charity funds. This is the reason why I am a HUGE supporter for both brands. Also, check out Luxemi – they have an incredible taste in design when it comes to South Asian jewelry and fashion.

I want to thank Parul “The Cake Designer” Patel, for catering all those delicious cupcakes. Did you know those cupcakes were all EGGLESS!?!? Amazing, right? Also, she was the one who designed the Birthday cake as well, and I just recently had a slice of it not so long ago, and wow, it tasted amazing. Heck, I even preserved and froze a slice, acting like it was a piece of a wedding cake – that’s how good it was. Check her out at: I also want to thank Laurentino’s Pasticceria Caffe for providing all the Chocolate Covered Strawberries for the night, and also want to thank Kyotofu for providing their award winning cupcakes for the VIP room.

I want to say thanks to Manny Singh and the whole Indus Tuesdays team for booking Hudson Terrace as the venue for the event. I want to thank all the DJs for providing the amazing music: DJ Insomnia, DJ Bornswift, DJ Flawless (“Waseem Stark”). Special thanks to the photographers: Julian and Gene.

I want to say thanks to all the people that celebrated their Birthdays at the event (Tina, Maneesh, Neha, Farhan, Sabrina, Monty, Nimesh, Sam, Shazia). I want to thank my Event Planner, Rhea Ghosh, who took half my stress away for this event. If you ever need an event planner, I highly recommend her. I want to thank all the people who also helped out on the day of the event: Sarah, Nirav, Dhaval (for handling and running the Bone Marrow Drive), Akash and Omar.

The raffles were not announced at the party, so I will be contacting each of the names were picked from the raffle box for the giveaways. Thanks for everyone that donated and registered at the bone marrow drive in order to do the raffle! Also, has given us a promo code to give out to everyone who supported the event – Use Promo Code: “JAN1512” for a 15% discount when signing up for their matrimonial services.

Once again, thanks everyone for all the support and check out all the photos and video at:!


The Urban Nerd

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The Fifth Annual Aquarius Charity Affair

Wow!  So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Figured I would write something that has been on my mind.

So about 6 years ago, I would have a get together and celebrate my birthday with a group of friends, and all of my friends would ask me what I would want for my birthday, and at the point in life – I really didn’t want anything nor need anything, so I would tell my friends to go donate to a certain charity, and my friends did just that.  The year after, when it was the beginning of January, same question arose, and then it occurred to me – why not just have a charity party. A close friend of mine from Harvard, Maneesh, who happens to have his birthday the day before mine agreed with me to throw a big bash.  Now each year, this bash has grown larger and larger in size, and now this year – it happens to be only 2 days away (wow – that’s close by..*getting nervous*) – happens to be the largest we’ve ever done.

I started planning this all the way back in October, knowing that I wanted to do something bigger and different, and was trying to figure out how can I top last years (I did it at Belmont Lounge).  I’ve been only living in NYC for a little over a year, but I was confident that I knew enough people in order for the word to spread (plus being known for the viral Kati Roll Parody video was a plus!).  My expenses were high, and I was really close to just paying everything out of pocket, until a friend told me that – the event is large enough to get sponsors.  With all the planning, logistics, catering, sponsors, guest lists, design, etc. – I knew I needed help and I needed an amazing event planner.  Luckily, I found an amazing person, Rhea Ghosh, who if it wasn’t for her – this event would not have really happened the way I wanted it to be.  Usually, I give everyone a chance to prove themselves as an asset to me in regards to anything “Urban Nerd” related, and she really, really proved herself.  She did an amazing job, and I highly recommend her if you need an event planned from anywhere in getting sponsors to fund your event to marketing strategy.

Another thing that has been on my mind is that the feedback I have received was unimaginable.  In the beginning I was worried that we wouldn’t get enough people, but we have over 780 RSVPs (including waitlists) all thanks to everyone spreading the word about it (my wonderful friends in the entertainment industry – Melanie Kannokada, Payal Kadakia, Rohan Sheth from MTV, Jay Dabhi, DJ Insomnia, DJ Bornswift, DJ KarmaDJ Flawless (aka Waseem Stark),  and of course the whole Crew!  Also, really big thanks to Dhaval Bhanusali, he organized the whole SAMAR bone marrow drive for the event, and definitely got the whole AAPI community involved.  He also helped out on small things here and there that is actually crucially important to the event.  Now I have to figure out how is everyone going to get in when the venue only holds 500 people…LOL!

Another thing, this event would not have happened if it wasn’t for the sponsors who believed in the event!  Special thanks goes out to:, Luv The World, Luxemi, and Convey.  Also, a very special thanks to the Indus Tuesdays Team, especially Manny Singh.  If it wasn’t for him – I wouldn’t have been able to book such an amazing venue.

Wow – I can’t believe it’s two days away.  I’m nervous, but also anxious and excited.  I’m not sure people realize how hard it is to throw a massive free party, and all the planning that is involved with it, but in the end I hope we raise a lot of money for the charities, so it will be worth it. =)


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Viewer Discretion is advised. The Photos from The 2011 Annual Aquarius Charity Affair.

I’m just kidding!!!  There’s probably a few scandalous pictures here and there, but nothing that serious.

Honestly, I have no clue what are in some of these photos.  There are about 400 photos, and I just didn’t have the time to go over all of them.

Before I talk about the photos, I just wanted to thank everyone that attended the event and wished me “Happy Birthday.” Because of you guys it was a great success and seemed everyone had an amazing time. We raised about $2000 that will be donated to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation.  This money will make a great difference in these kids’ lives.

I had no clue that the turnout would be so great and the venue would reach over capacity. Hopefully no one had to wait in line much, but it seemed that everyone got in easily or had to wait a little. For those who had to wait, I personally apologize, and just imagine yourself getting a big fat apology hug from me! =)

I also wanted to thank the three DJs that made this party amazing with their musical talent. DJ Phanatik, DJ Bornswift and DJ Flawless did such an amazing job – that majority of the crowd literally stayed until the end. I would love if everyone can show their “love” to the DJs:

DJ Bornswift:

DJ Flawless:

DJ Phanatik:

Now to the photos – well watch the video above before you look at the photos – it’ll inform you important details in regards to the photos and if you need to take a photo down.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Urban Nerd,


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