What’s Your Flavor? World of Coca-Cola Factory Suspense

One of the Brown Boys, Atif Waseem Khan, and myself tried every single flavor the World of Coca-Cola Factory in Atlanta, GA had to offer. We were the third (#3) and fourth (#4) people to ever do it straight. Took us about hour and half of drinking, burping and peeing to complete it.

Definitely a fun adventure – and check out the bumps we had to face during our experience. There was a HUUUUGE twist towards the end (ok…not that big of a twist, but it was an obstacle).

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Typical NYC Adventure.

I was invited to go to Brunch this past Sunday with my two good friends, Chirag and Sri.

Well Sri was telling me the epic day that I missed out on – and I found it HILARIOUS and wanted to share.

Sricharan: did chirag tell you about our sunday?
it was a disaster
me: brunch?
what happened
Sricharan: we went out for brunch
drank like 10 bloody marrys
Sricharan: then decided we should go clubbing
like at 4 in the afternoon
me: LMAO!!!!!
thats friggin awesome!
Sricharan: went to tenjune (it was obviously closed)
so we took sandbags (the ones that hold the signs down)
tore the sand bags
and poured it out in front of tenjunes doors
then we went to standard hotel
and then i lost my phone
me: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Typical Sri and Chirag adventure.

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