Happy Holidays and Personal Updates!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted up anything fun and new on this website or on Youtube, but I promise you that there’s a lot that I have been working on, and it’s all in the works.  In the end, I want to still be the same person that had the mentality of doing this to only send out a positive message to the world and to raise awareness of certain global issues.

A lot has happened in my life ever since I released the “Kati Roll” music video, and became an official TV Host for UrbanAsian.com, including having my own show on there.  I’ve been getting scripts for short films, tons of new comedy video skits, offers from off-broadway plays/shows (Bollywood Wedding was one of them), new music remake ideas, and much more.  Meantime, I’ve been trying to balance my personal life in regards to friends, family, and work, with work being my #1 Priority.  I’ve been also working on my new startup, which has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, which has been taking a good amount of my time.  In the end, regardless, I WILL FIND THE TIME to release everything that I have, and try to work on my new video project.

The first thing I will be releasing on Youtube are “The Adventures of Sam Hasan & The Urban Nerd” episodes.  Basically, these are behind the scene footages of Sam Hasan and I – just randomly goofing off, having fun, singing, beatboxing, making music, etc.  You get to see us in our raw form, which I know you will enjoy.

The second project that I will start working on would be my dance choreo/freestyle videos on Youtube.  For those who don’t know, I have a PASSION for dance, especially Hip-Hop.  I used to breakdance and was part of multiple crews awhile back until I just didn’t have time to compete or showcase any of my dance talents. Recently, a good friend said I should just record myself when I go to the dance studio and post it on Youtube, and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea.  So look out for that soon!

In the meantime, I just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and want you to remember that it only takes one simple act of random kindness to make a difference in this world of ours. Let us be the inspiration, and I hope this video makes you realize that.

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Who Are You?

Who are you?
What questions are you wrestling with?
Where are you looking for your answers?
Are you satisfied with having a safe, secure and distinguished career?
Or is your greatest work waiting for you in the infinity of possibilities?
Do you hover above the chaos looking for your answers in patterns and trends?
Or do you need to be in ground level, walking through the problem?

I used to have this photo of the Parthenon when I was a child, and one day I scribbled all over it with a crayon – until recently, I realized that I covered it with rectangles within rectangles, retracing the Greek’s use of the golden ratio. Does that speak to the mathematicians in the need to understand beauty or to the child who had to tear it apart?

John von Neumann once said that in mathematics you don’t understand things you just get used to them. I wish I could have debated that point with him – because it seems to me that in mathematics, we find the power to refuse fate, and to understand the way things are, we give ourselves the means to change them.

Our ancestors’ stories belong to us now. Each of their signatures is a self-swallowing set, a name that short-hands a body of thought. A life’s work.

In the end, the question isn’t who you are. The question is: who did I turn out to be? Who am I to you? Are faded marks and scratches on the floor the only evidence I was here?

Or did some scribbled note, some fragment of a proof, infer to your perception of the world; even confirm it, cementing what you felt in your heart to be true – with the balance of left column to right.

What footprints have I left behind? Do they endure? Or has the ocean of discovery washed them away already?

How many lives have I touched? Have I touched yours?

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“The Music Box” – Daniel Cloud Campos

Daniel Cloud Campos has become my favorite dancer in the world. This guy has become an inspiration on my dance moves with his unique style and originality.

Check out his latest video that he just released! He is simply amazing.

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Anoop Desai – “All is Fair (Crazy Love)”

I’m sure everyone remembers Anoop Desai from American Idol. He finished 6th, and now he’s trying to pursue a career in the tough music industry.

He just came out with his first music video for the song, “All is Fair (Crazy Love).” My opinion, I don’t understand why this song is not on the radio yet. I need my people to help push this video by posting, sharing, tweeting, whatever methods you use to share stuff online!

Also, go buy his album! You can find it by clicking HERE! I guarantee that the album will not disappoint! Dude has amazing vocals and deserves to be on the radio. So lets help a fellow Urban Nerd out!

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Viewer Discretion is advised. The Photos from The 2011 Annual Aquarius Charity Affair.

I’m just kidding!!!  There’s probably a few scandalous pictures here and there, but nothing that serious.

Honestly, I have no clue what are in some of these photos.  There are about 400 photos, and I just didn’t have the time to go over all of them.

Before I talk about the photos, I just wanted to thank everyone that attended the event and wished me “Happy Birthday.” Because of you guys it was a great success and seemed everyone had an amazing time. We raised about $2000 that will be donated to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation.  This money will make a great difference in these kids’ lives.

I had no clue that the turnout would be so great and the venue would reach over capacity. Hopefully no one had to wait in line much, but it seemed that everyone got in easily or had to wait a little. For those who had to wait, I personally apologize, and just imagine yourself getting a big fat apology hug from me! =)

I also wanted to thank the three DJs that made this party amazing with their musical talent. DJ Phanatik, DJ Bornswift and DJ Flawless did such an amazing job – that majority of the crowd literally stayed until the end. I would love if everyone can show their “love” to the DJs:

DJ Bornswift:

DJ Flawless:

DJ Phanatik:

Now to the photos – well watch the video above before you look at the photos – it’ll inform you important details in regards to the photos and if you need to take a photo down.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Urban Nerd,


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